How to Use Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets for the Best Results

  • Fill 3/4 of the washing machine with semi/full hot water (Water should not be cold/temperature of water should not be less than 5 degree Celsius)

  • Add 2-3 tablets into the water depending upon your machine size (1-2 tablets for up to 5 kg & 2-3 tablets for 5-12 kg)

  • Start/Operate the machine at its normal washing process/cycle (15-20 mins) and then pause/turn off the machine. Do Not Drain the water now.

  • Left the machine for 6-8 hours in this condition and then drain the water.

  • Clean the drum with a piece of clean towel. You can also start another cycle with clean water.

  • Use 2-3 tablets for the first time wash - After that you can use 1-2 tablets each month.

  • Do not use with Clothes.

  • Do not add laundry detergent and do not mix with household chemicals, bleach etc.